Nuclear power

Nuclear power

Nuclear power has many benefits. It is a reliable way to produce large amount of electricity in a climate-friendly way. One fifth of the electricity consumed by Finns is produced by nuclear power.


Hanhikivi 1 website

At the website you can find information about the construction site.



The need for electricity in Finland is growing, and it is important to focus on creating efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. 

Hanhikivi 1: newsroom

Fennovoima jatkaa arvion tekemistä siitä, millaisia vaikutuksia päätetyillä sanktioilla on.
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Fennovoima’s update on the impacts of war in Ukraine 4.4.

The Russian invasion and war in Ukraine continue. The EU, the US and many countries have decided on multiple restrictive measures against Russia. In this context, Fennovoima keeps carefully assessing the impact of the decided sanctions.

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Fennovoima’s statement on the situation in Ukraine

The international situation is deteriorating all the time, and a significant armed conflict in Europe is now a reality. Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the counter measures by EU and western countries as a consequence, pose a major risk for the project.

Finland needs more energy

The consumption or electricity is not about to decrease in Finland. Electricity provides us with light, heat, growth and welfare. Electricity must be produced so that it will not burden our climate.

Fennovoima is a Finnish energy company that builds Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant to a green field site on Pyhäjoki, Hanhikivi peninsula. The operational power plant will produce one tenth of Finland’s electricity need, reliably and climate-friendly.