Caetano Porto.

“I like to give people responsibilities instead of tasks”

Caetano Porto works as Fennovoima’s Layout Manager. In this interview, he is talking about his career, beliefs and motivation.

Caetano, how long have you been living in Finland?

Since autumn 2018. I come from Brazil and have been working in the nuclear industry since my graduation. I made this great move from a warm tropical country to a winter country. I view it as the move from the best summer country to the best winter country!

Can you say that you’ve already adjusted to a different climate?

Yes absolutely. I enjoy the simplicity, which is the main feature of life here, Finland is a great country to live in. It is a place where you spend less energy on bureaucracy, traffic jams typical of big cities and spend more energy on what really matters.

Could you tell me a bit about your career before Fennovoima?

In Brazil, we were designing the Unit 3 of Angra. This nuclear power plant is also based on the technology of a pressurized water reactor. Though the Areva design is different, there are many similarities with Hanhikivi. My previous experience helps me in my work here, at Fennovoima, where I head the layout team.

I know that your team uses the 3D model a lot. Could you explain that part of work to me?

We use 3D models in complex projects. Computer 3D models stem from older techniques, when we had polymeric mock-ups. We need such models when we have a dense and complex design that we can better evaluate in a 3D environment.  Nowadays modern design tools have just brought it to a new level. We can look at the digital model and foresee where we may have difficulties. This helps address both nuclear and personal safety from the beginning,  evaluate a building as a multidisciplinary asset and improve the performance during the construction, installation and operation phases.

How does your team use the model?

Part of my team works directly on handling the 3D model. Others are responsible for different buildings of our future plant. They use the 3D model to evaluate the building design, even though they don’t develop the model itself. The model was developed by Atomproekt, our General Designer.

How big is your team?

We have eight people from all around the world. We have experts from Brazil, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland and Russia, so it’s a multinational team. It’s an amazing team! We have different expertise and we support each other a lot. We have people from various backgrounds who complement each other and learn from each other.

What kind of experts you are looking for?

We are looking for a 3D and layout expert. The keyword for this role is “integration”. We need someone to build bridges between the 3D model and the layout expertise. We have very capable and skilled experts who are focusing on 3D model, and we have experienced people who are dealing with the layouts. What we are looking for, is someone who would look after the integration between these two areas and keep an eye on the future of the technology. That expert would need to understand the needs and plan how to use the 3D model to enable design review. Such person will also be responsible for certain buildings and have interfaces with other disciplines. The layout is a multidisciplinary thing, and it’s important to learn about other disciplines’ needs and see how we can use the 3D model to meet them.

My next question is about your supervisor style. In your opinion, what are the most important qualities for a leader?

I think that a leader needs transparency. I like to share information as much as I can. People should have understanding about the ‘big picture’ to make educated decisions in their areas. I like to give people responsibilities instead of tasks. This way they can bring benefit to the project as a whole, not just its small areas. If people take responsibility, you can be confident that it’s going to work. Still, the main thing is to encourage and motivate people to have their goals fulfilled. A leader is only as good as their team.

What can you say about working atmosphere at Fennovoima?

Fennovoima is an amazing company to work at. It’s easy to deal with people because they are honest and transparent. This makes our working life simpler and more trustful. It’s the company that cares about people and their individual needs. I enjoy working here.

Can you say what inspires you in your work?

Now we understand that energy has to be affordable and clean. Affordable because it has direct impact on people quality of life, and clean to protect the future of our planet. Nuclear has an important role in this puzzle and Fennovoima project is one of the most important projects going on in the world right now.

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