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Emmi Hanhimäki enjoys long-term planning

Emmi Hanhimäki works as a Training Manager at Fennovoima. Emmi started as a summer trainee and now she is the training team’s manager. The team is in charge of Fennovoima’s training and helps the organization in identifying training needs and implementing the training.

Tell us about your work

As a Training Manager I am in charge of developing Fennovoima's training and the needed resources. I am also the supervisor of our general training team. My job is to lead the way, make sure that my team members know what to do, help them to tackle challenging situations as well as clarify roles and responsibilites.

We work in close cooperation with the operational readiness team, which is in charge of the technical training related to the nuclear power plant design. Our mission is to serve the whole organization as best we can, and help to identify training needs and implementing the training. That is not an easy task, but we have a good team spirit.

In 2020 Fennovoima employees used on average 26 training hours of their work time in training. We want to offer flexible training solutions that suit our employees differing needs. We also have lots of online training in addition to traditional classroom training.

In your view, what is best about working for Fennovoima?

The Hanhikivi 1 project itself is the best. I have constantly concrete and achievable targets, and at the same time I can develop my own expertise further alongside the project. In this project everyone's contribution is significant. I also like that Fennovoima as an employer is very change-oriented and forward-looking. Fennovoima wants to enable their employees' growth and develop as an employer. 

What is it like to be a manager?

The manager role has been educational. I am very driven by nature, and being a manager feels like a natural responsibility for me. I have lots of practical experience from our team’s tasks. I know the people and their way of working. This has been very useful in my manager’s role, but it has been challenging to balance between the manager and specialist role. I can't be aware of all our team's tasks anymore but I must let my team members take charge and concentrate on the work without me knowing every detail. I think it is an advantage that I know the work in practice, and I can help if need be.

What motivates you in your work? 

I enjoy long-term planning and orderliness – achieving the targets step by step. Continuous development motivates me too which the Hanhikivi 1 project enables very well. As the project proceeds, the training needs and demands will change and the training function will be different during construction period versus when we approach the operation of the nuclear power plant. It is interesting to be part of different stages of the project.  

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I dream of... family and vacation home in Lapland.

I like working... because it keeps me active, motivated, and vibrant. 

Today I had for breakfast... rye bread and coffee.

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