Kaisa Pellinen, Safeguards-päällikkö

Fennovoima's happy Safeguards Manager

For Kaisa Pellinen, professional growth and a caring work community are at the heart of well-being and job satisfaction.

Kaisa Pellinen has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Kaisa is responsible for Fennovoima's nuclear safeguards, i.e., ensuring that documentation or materials classified as nuclear material in the Hanhikivi 1 project do not end up in the wrong hands. Kaisa is Fennovoima's Safeguards Manager, officially approved by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

According to Kaisa, the work is exciting and challenging, and there is still a lot to learn after years. Kaisa joined the company as a nuclear fuel engineer in 2015 and took over the nuclear material safeguards duties four years ago.

- For me, learning and developing new things is a significant internal motivation factor. There is still a lot new that I can learn at Fennovoima, Kaisa rejoices.

Helpfulness is part of Fennovoima's work culture

Hanhikivi 1 is a dynamic project where the employees are open to constant change. Fennovoima's organization lives with the stages of the project. On the other hand, work involves freedom.

- We are confident that many different routes can reach the same result. I really like being able to decide on things related to my job and how I do my job. In addition, it is part of our work culture that you can always ask for advice from anyone in the company, and everyone is helped.

According to Kaisa, Fennovoima treats its employees as individuals and according to their own merits, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or appearance. Equality and human rights are important values for both Kaisa and her employer.

Fennovoima is a caring workplace

Kaisa, enthusiastic about studying, has also studied alongside her work. The arrangements for the study leave went smoothly. According to Kaisa, Fennovoima is a people-oriented employer that takes good care of its personnel, and salary and employee benefits are also great.

-The older I get, the more I appreciate Fennovoima's truly comprehensive occupational health services, Kaisa says with a laugh and continues:

- We have a wide range of employee benefits, such as the bicycle benefit that came in the spring, which is not available in every workplace. In addition, we have ongoing activating activities and fun snatches like summer bingo, virtual Christmas parties, and pizza days.

Overall, Safeguards Manager Kaisa Pellinen is satisfied with her work and the work community.

- I am happy at work. There have been peaks and bumps over the years, but now it's excellent, Kaisa says with a smile.

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