Fennovoima - Hannu Tuulensuu

Hannu Tuulensuu

Hannu Tuulensuu works as Fennovoima’s Nuclear Safety Design Manager and manages the Plant Safety Unit. He says that his main task is to ensure that nuclear safety is a priority in the plant design.

Hannu had studied energy technology in Lappeenranta University of Technology and majored in nuclear technology. Before joining Fennovoima, he had worked for 7 years in TVO as a Reliability engineer and Radiation protection engineer. Hannu joined Fennovoima in 2016 and has been working at different nuclear safety design related tasks. 

Hannu says that he is most motivated when he works at varied tasks and sees progress in the project. As a manager, he tries to stay close to people so that it’s easy for them to come and speak with him.

Currently, Hannu spends almost all of his free time with his two kids. He also enjoys playing tennis (by the way, Fennovoima has some real talents in tennis!) and cooking.

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