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Internship at Fennovoima

Pamela Nicklis-Hamann did a six-week internship at Fennovoima’s Communications Department as a part of Finland’s Integration Training for Immigrants sponsored by TE-Office. Pamela is originally from Peru, but 20 years ago she moved to Germany and now she lives in Finland. Before moving to Finland, Pamela and her family were living an expatriate work-life due to his husband’s career. How did Pamela end up in Finland, and what was her internship like?

Back to work

The internship has been a great experience. In the beginning it took me some time to get into the modern working mode, but after a few days, I was already familiar with the new technology and the tools. I felt like being on the right track again. The best part of the whole internship was being able to update my office skills and meeting nice people at Fennovoima. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation I could not meet all my colleagues face to face. Though it was nice to notice that everything works very well remotely, and everything is possible if you have the right equipment, know the necessary tools, and have such great colleagues who support and guide you. 

Professional background

I have worked mainly as an Executive Assistant, first in Peru for five years and then in Germany for about 12 years. I have also worked as an Order Management Agent back in Germany. Before moving to Finland two years ago, we were living also in USA and France, thanks to my husband’s assignments to several international projects. Now my husband is working as a Senior Contract Manager for Fennovoima.  

Moving to Finland

Living in Finland has been great so far. I felt at home only after half a year and I would not choose to move to another country anymore. I am glad about our decision to relocate here. Finland is a safe and well-organized country with great education system and work-life balance. Also, the Finnish nature is amazing, and I like living close to the sea. 

Cultural differences

It is difficult to compare countries as I think every country I have lived at is unique and has pros and cons. There are huge cultural differences between Finland, Germany, and Peru. Just a few examples, in Peru we are quite extrovert and spontaneous and loud, while in Germany and Finland everything is well planned in advance and people are quieter. Finland is an extremely modern country where everything works with applications and the internet. In Germany, many processes are still done in a more traditional and conservative way, for example using cash and landline phones. In my opinion the German business culture is more formal and vertically structured compared to Finland, where the business culture is more casual, and it has an even more democratic and horizontal orientation. 

Future planning

Now that we are established in this country I want to go back to work. As I have experience living abroad and working with different nationalities, I would like to work for a company with an international background with maybe connections to English, German and/or Spanish speaking countries, where I can continue growing professionally. I also want to continue learning the Finnish language, as I know from my own experience, how important it is to be able to speak and understand the language of the country I am living at. On the personal side, I want to travel more around Finland and when situation allows, also visit the other Nordic countries with my family, as I have never been there before. 

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