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Katarina Culham believes in shared expertise and learning from others

Being mentored and to mentor motivates me. I like to learn from others who have been there before, says Katarina Culham.

Katarina Culham works as a Contract Management Director for Fennovoima. She has 17 years’ experience in nuclear on the side of contract and claim management. As a Contract Management Director, Katarina is responsible for a dynamic team which covers various functions including integrated change management, claim management as well as contract administration. The contract management team also provides and gives advice to other departments at Fennovoima. Currently there are eight persons in the team, but they are expanding to 11 this year.

Katarina believes in continuous education and learning from others. What kind of working environment Fennovoima is and what does Katarina expect from her team members? 

Mentorship and continuous learning

As a supervisor I expect everyone to do their best. If they feel that some task is beyond them, then we look at other tasks and possibilities within the boundaries of the skills and experiences they have. I also want that the expertise bought into Fennovoima would be shared. I believe in mentorship and continuous education; I like to learn from others who have been there before. Not just educational experiences but practicalities of life. Being mentored and to mentor motivates me. Tutoring and mentoring is one of the elements I request from senior positions’ recruits. 

Supportive and fair work community

The working environment at Fennovoima is fair and collective. People help and support each other and take time to explain things. I like that people are transparent and honest. It makes you enjoy working for the company and with the people even more. The working hours are more relaxed compared to United Kingdom for example. Also, the employee benefits are attractive. Personal growth is important to me and to Fennovoima. There is also space and time to improve yourself if you want to and need to. Individualism is important to Fennovoima but also to me and my team.   

Part of the nuclear family

Nuclear family is a small family because the field is such niche and unique. Many people have worked together and will probably work together in the future. Therefore, it is very important to keep you professional and personal etiquette ant high level because sooner or later someone within industry will hear about your failings and they can carry on. In the nuclear industry the ethics are really high.

Living in Finland

Living in Finland is not new to me as I used to live here when working on Olkiluoto for nine years. Helsinki is a European Metropolitan town; busy, lively, plenty of social life. In the future I will relocate to the site. I believe that the infrastructure that is been put in place takes into account wants and needs of majority of the individuals. I think it will be quite exciting sites to work and live on in the future.


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