Summer Trainees Yassmine, Emma and Verneri.

Yassmine Maioui, Emma Sevón and Verneri Lopperi.

Summer Job at Fennovoima

Every year Fennovoima offers summer jobs and traineeships for students and those who are starting their careers. What is it like to work as a Summer Trainee at Fennovoima? Yassmine Maioui, Emma Sevón and Verneri Lopperi tell about their own experiences and give job search tips. Even though summer 2020 was more different than what our Summer Trainees imagined at the beginning of the year, they have nice memories of the summer.

"Think what you could learn from your summer job"

Yassmine Maioui, 24, works as a Project Engineer in Fennovoima’s Development team. Yassmine has graduated from LUT University majoring in Energy Technology. After completing bachelor’s degree in her home country, Morocco, Yassmine wanted to continue studying in English and she got interested in Finland and the wide range of LUT University’s energy engineering subjects. Even though Finland and Lappeenranta differ completely from Morocco she feels at home in Finland. In her free time, Yassmine enjoys handicrafts and second-hand shopping.

How did you end up as a Summer Trainee for Fennovoima?

I knew Fennovoima from the university’s courses. At the university’s career affair, I met a thesis worker who told me about the open position in Fennovoima’s Configuration Management unit. I got interested in the position and decided to apply for it. After summer, I continued as a Project Intern. At the beginning of the year, I got a permanent job as a Project Engineer.

What was the Summer Trainee experience like?

It was a good experience and gave me new perspective on things I have learned at school. I learned a lot of new things. Even the remote work didn’t feel difficult thanks to Fennovoima’s comprehensive introduction training and our team’s strong communication. My favorite memory from the summer was meeting my team members face to face for the first time. Before we had only met virtually. 

Why is it a good idea to apply for a summer job at Fennovoima and what tips would you give to the applicants?

If you are inclined to sustainable development and energy field, I recommend applying. A summer job is an excellent chance to put things you have learned into practice. When applying for Fennovoima, you should find out about the project in advance and be interested in it. My tip is to think about what you would like to gain from the summer job. Often people tend to highlight what they could give to the company, but it is also important to think what you could learn.

"Be yourself"

Emma Sevón, 24, studies Energy Technology at Aalto University and works as a Project Intern in Fennovoima’s Program Development team. She is also writing her thesis for Fennovoima about the options for Power to X and energy storages in connection to nuclear power plants. When Emma was a teenager, she became interested in climate change and renewable energy sources, and the possibility to work in the energy field. In her free time, Emma enjoys time in her summer cottage or rides her motorcycle.

How did you end up as a Summer Trainee for Fennovoima?

I had heard about Fennovoima before and decided to apply for a Summer Trainee position. The recruitment process proceeded quickly, and in February, I was offered a job that I was happy to accept. After the summer, I started to work as a Project Intern and write my thesis for Fennovoima.

What was the Summer Trainee experience like?

At the beginning I was a bit nervous because I had to start working remotely right away. Because of  Fennovoima’s extensive introduction period and my team’s active communication, I learned my work tasks easily and became part of the work community. It has been great to see and experience how things are done and what the project work contains.

Why is it a good idea to apply for a summer job at Fennovoima and what tips would you give to the applicants?

I recommend applying for Fennovoima because Hanhikivi 1 is a unique project offering great experiences. In the beginning I didn’t even realize how big the scale and the scope of the project is. It’s truly a one of a kind work opportunity in Finland. My best tip for the applicants is: Be yourself. I also recommend showing your interest towards the field and the project in your application. 

"In summer job the attitude is more important than the experience"

Verneri Lopperi, 26, studies Energy Technology at LUT University and is writing his thesis for Fennovoima about Nuclear Power Plant outage optimization. During the summer, Verneri was working in Fennovoima’s Requirement Management team. After work, Verneri likes to practice sprinting or play acoustic guitar.

How did you end up as a Summer Trainee for Fennovoima?

I wanted to work in nuclear field because it felt like most appealing of all the energy fields and I had studied nuclear engineering in the university. I applied for different positions and was offered a job in the Requirement Management team. After the summer, I started to write my thesis for Fennovoima.

What was the Summer Trainee experience like?

I learned lots of new things because I didn’t have any previous experience in requirement management or office work in general. Because of the unusual times, I still haven’t met all my colleagues face to face. Luckily, we have gotten to know each other online. In the summer, we had several weekly Skype meetings, and we became acquainted. I didn’t get to know other summer trainees that much even though we had a joint WhatsApp group, and one time Fennovoima organized a lunch for all of us. Everybody seemed nice, so it would have been nicer to spend more time together. Remote work enabled me to work in different locations. 

Why is it a good idea to apply for a summer job at Fennovoima and what tips would you give to the applicants?

I highly recommend Fennovoima because it has many work opportunities. I got to work with experts, and the work environment was great.  Also, the chance of getting a permanent job is good. I recommend applying for different positions. I applied for several positions, and even though I didn’t have experience in requirement management, I decided to go for it. In the interview, I was honest about my know-how. In summer job, the attitude is more important than the experience. It’s also a good to get to know about nuclear power beforehand, and speaking English is a must.

Would you like to work for Fennovoima? The summer job application period is open until 1 February 2021. You can find the open positions here

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