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Mirjami Lämsä, Davide Forni and Leevi Lång did a summer trainee internship for Fennovoima in 2021.

Summer job at Fennovoima offered great colleagues and work experience

Every year we employ several students and those who are just starting their careers. What is it like to work for Fennovoima? Leevi Lång tells about his summer job in our Finance and Procurement department.

I am… Leevi Lång, a 27-year-old student from Lohja. I’m currently studying for the fifth year in LUT University, in Lappeenranta. My major is Supply Management, and my minor is Digitalization and Business Analytics.

My summer in Fennovoima… was a good combination of learning new things and great coworkers. This was my second year in the Finance and Procurement department. In the Procurement Unit, my responsibilities included for example processing purchase requisitions and making and sending purchase orders to the suppliers.

The uniqueness of the Hanhikivi 1 project… was reflected in my tasks in a concrete way. Since Hanhikivi 1 is such a large-scale project, there’s a huge number of different suppliers. Also, the work community was great: I was felt welcomed in the work community and my colleagues offered me help and support any time I needed it.

Working during the pandemic… has had its difficulties, but at the same time it created flexibility. The induction period of the new employees was conducted online like in 2020. During the induction training, in addition to the information package of the nuclear field, every employee gets an idea of how a large project organization works. The learning continued through summer, which made my work even more interesting.

The summer in Fennovoima offered me… great co-workers as well as an opportunity to gain work experience related to my studies. This summer has given me a lot of practical skills, in addition to the theoretical skills from studies. I can see myself working in the energy field also in the future, because I feel that projects like the Hanhikivi 1 project have a significant impact for Finland to reach their climate objectives.

Would you like to be a summer trainee for Fennovoima? We will publish our summer trainee positions on Sunday 2 January 2022 at our recruitment page

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