Gabriele Capponi

When Fennovoima was looking for a Project Manager for Process water sub-area, Gabriele saw it as an opportunity to be the first person employed for this position.

Before joining Fennovoima in February 2016, Gabriele already had water treatment expertise in other countries in the energy sector. He was excited about the possibility to move up north to Finland.

Gabriele’s tasks range from water treatment to project management. He meets with the Supplier, reviews documents, coordinates Fennovoima’s participants across teams, identifies and mitigates risks and reports achievements.

Gabriele believes that clear dialogue and mutual support are vital to steer the project towards its milestones. To foster communication, he organizes and attends meetings with the Supplier in Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

Gabriele finds it fascinating to work together with people from many nations with different mindsets. Now he feels motivation to develop new skills and deepen his knowledge of nuclear industry. He also values the work/ life balance that many other Fennovoima employees single out.

Education: MS in Environmental Process Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy

Hobbies / free time activities: Gabriele is a theater enthusiast, particularly willing to check out local small productions and festivals. He likes experimental fringe theater and the art of clowning. He enjoys skating, challenging friends in ping pong and hiking with a touch of adventure.

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