Päivikki Aarni

Päivikki Aarni, M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), has worked for Fennovoima as Human Resources Development Manager since 2014.

In the HR department, she is in charge of the personnel development unit, which aims to ensure that Fennovoima has enough competent employees to construct the nuclear power plant safely. Päivikki heads the recruitment and training teams. For most new employees, a recruiter from her team is the first contact at Fennovoima! In addition to recruitment and training, she oversees e.g. the orientation process, personnel planning, and competence management as a whole.

Päivikki applied for a job at Fennovoima, because the role of the personnel development manager felt right for her and matched her earlier experience. Moreover, possibilities in a growing and developing company were attractive.

Fennovoima provided an excellent view to a unique project, with versatile jobs on offer in a growing company. At Fennovoima, she can develop operations, have an impact, and learn a new business and Russian business culture. She also has extremely nice and capable colleagues.

In her leisure time, Päivikki spends time with her family at home and at their cottage, takes care of two guinea pigs, travels, reads, exercises, and whenever the opportunity arises, goes to the opera and theatre.

Motto: Each day is a new possibility

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