Professional growth in Fennovoima

After you join Fennovoima, you’ll have varied opportunities for professional development. We value continuous improvement and offer our employees a comprehensive induction along with regular training, group coaching and mentoring programs.


Our induction program is unique. Its goal is to make sure that our people get familiar with different aspects of our project and understand the significance of nuclear safety and quality in their work.

People learn about the company culture and start networking right from the beginning. They learn about company processes, everyday tools, VVER technology, nuclear safety culture, environmental issues, information security, probabilistic analysis, document management, requirements management, software that they will use and many other things during the first two weeks.

Additional training

Ample training is part of the nuclear industry operating culture. On average, our experts spend seven work days per year in training. This can be, for example, occupational safety training, nuclear safety courses, nuclear technology, project management, communication, leadership, presentation skills, cultural and language training.

Group coaching

This program targets the development of leadership skills. Supervisors in Fennovoima meet in groups of five to seven members together with an experienced coach. They discuss challenging situations, the leader’s role, working styles and similar topics. Such groups meet monthly for about three hours.

Mentoring program

Mentoring is based on confidential interaction between two individuals seeking to transfer know-how and experience through regular structured discussions. The program is for individuals, both supervisors and specialists, who are keen to develop professionally. The mentor and the mentee agree on some targets, and the mentee needs to be proactive in reaching them.

Conferences and seminars

Our experts take part in international conferences around the world, exchanging experience with world leading professionals in nuclear industry. In addition, we support our young specialists who enroll in extensive international training programs like World Nuclear University, as well as different seminars and conferences throughout the year.