What is perfect CV for Finnish recruiters?

CV styles differ a lot. We talked to Fennovoima’s recruiters: Aino Mannio, Anni Nojonen and Riku Rimmi about perfect CVs for those who apply to Fennovoima.


“A CV should be compact and informative,” Riku points out.

“Summarizing, summarizing and summarizing,” adds Anni. “The first thing I check is how long a CV is. Is it one page or eight pages? A CV should be maximum 2 pages, no matter how many years of experience.”

To make your CV compact, you have to cut out the things that are not relevant for the position you are seeking. Does it really make sense to write many achievements for each position if it makes the CV several pages long and makes it difficult to read?  It’s better to focus on your responsibilities, especially in your recent positions. “It definitely shouldn’t be robot style like “achievement #1, achievement #2, etc.”, it should be natural description of your work,” says Riku.

“A clear and compact description of your main responsibilities is important. It’s good to think about your achievements and also to discuss them at the interview, but it’s not necessary to state them in the CV,” Aino agrees.


It’s really tempting to put a lot of professional terminology into your CV to sound convincing . But recruiters are not necessarily engineers, and they should understand what you were doing in your previous jobs.

“Your CV should be simple and understandable. People who read it should feel positive and get professional confidence,” Riku explains.

You can ask a friend to read your CV and check how well he or she understood it. Then edit the sentences that your friend couldn’t understand. 

Relevant to the position

It takes time and effort, but when you modify your CV for each position you apply for, you are increasing your chances to get an invitation to an interview.

“Many candidates modify just the application letters, but they keep the same CV for each position. It’s recommended to edit CVs as well according to the position,” explains Aino.

 “You should make a new CV for each position you are applying for and cut out things that are not relevant,” Anni agrees.

“Many recruiters read the CV before the application letter, so even a perfect application doesn’t help if the CV is not interesting,”, says Riku.


Recruiters will remember your CV better if you have some visual elements on it, not just text.

“A photo is a big plus. You don’t remember that well black and white CVs without visuality,” Anni explains.

Colors, format elements and photo will help you to stand out and make your CV easier to read and more memorable.