Fennovoima Company Policy

The company policy supports our mission, vision and strategy, and presents how we promote our core value nuclear safety by behaving according to our four principles: awareness, transparency, commitment, and continuous improvement.

We aim to be a world-class nuclear power company with a high-level safety culture and are committed to

  • recognize responsibilities to cover the entire life time of the nuclear facility until the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel,
  • comply with laws and regulations applicable to our operations,
  • carry out social responsibilities and principles as presented in the Code of Conduct,
  • prevent actions that could be harmful to people, environment, property or reputation,
  • identify risks and opportunities related to our activities, and define adequate methods to manage them,
  • build a motivating and supportive working environment based on openness, equality and trust,
  • monitor and analyze our activities, and perform improvement actions accordingly,
  • learn from experience of other nuclear power plants and safety relevant utilities, and
  • expect commitment to our policy and principles from suppliers, their supply chains and other stakeholders.

Our management is committed to steer Fennovoima according to the integrated management system which is continuously developed and improved based on results of regular review and assessment activities.

Annual planning activities ensure sufficient human and other resources as well as adequate structures and technologies to implement the planned FMS activities. Consistent leadership activities and active dialogue between parties facilitate commitment of the personnel and other stakeholders.

 1. Nuclear safety and quality

Fennovoima carries sole responsibility for the safety of its nuclear power plant and related functions. Responsibility means systematic evaluation, control and improvement of activities and organizations involved in the nuclear power plant realization. We choose products, services and suppliers based on their capability to fulfill predefined requirements.

Our processes and procedures are defined to support awareness of the nuclear and radiation safety impact of activities and decisions. Knowledge of the impacts is gained by safety assessments, which are carried out to compare the characteristics and performance of the plant and work methods to the requirements set for them. We train our personnel and other involved parties to implement Fennovoima’s principles, policy and management system.

Any individual is obliged to voice any concerns and observations regarding safety, security, quality or any other activities and to present any opportunities for improvement. We are committed to

  • seek opportunities to learn and improve our actions without blaming anyone,
  • evaluate and process observations and notices timely and based on their safety significance,
  • correct deficiencies and eliminate their causes, and
  • communicate improvements appropriately. 

The results of assessments and improvement actions are regularly analyzed and reviewed in order to facilitate continual improvement.

 2. Human resources

Fennovoima identifies and ensures that adequate competence is in place for each phase of the nuclear power plant life cycle. In order to obtain and maintain needed qualifications, personnel’s knowledge, skills and attitudes are developed and maintained by systematic training. Safety significance is prioritized when resources are reserved and organization is defined. We act with professionalism and prepare to challenge prevailing practices in order to uphold and improve safety and quality.

All people are treated fairly and equally. Personnel, including employees and other people working for Fennovoima, are expected to commit to the principles. Our commitment is demonstrated by

  • systematic approach to train personnel,
  • assuming responsibility for the results of one's work,
  • endeavoring to do things right the first time,
  • appreciating the work of others, and
  • desiring to develop one's own competence.

3. Occupational health and safety

Fennovoima's objective is zero accidents. Occupational accidents and diseases are prevented by sufficient resources and professional activities. We guide and train our personnel and partners to obey common safety procedures and guidelines. We are commited to

  • ensure that individuals have required knowledge and skills regarding safe working methods,
  • use personal protective equipment, in both normal and emergency situations,
  • acquire knowledge of and expertise in best safety practices, and
  • consultation and participation of workers, and workers’ representatives.

Work is never undertaken with incomplete skills or equipment. Everyone is responsible for her/his own health and safety, and for steering the colleagues towards acting safely. Our supply chain is also expected to work accoring to these prinbciples.

Accidents and health hazards are prevented by systematically evaluating the risks entailed by operations and the working environment. Everyone has the responsibility to intervene in improper operation and immediately report near misses, accidents and other concerns related to health and safety. We take immediate action to minimize or eliminate any risk factors identified.

4. Communication

In order to support Fennovoima to achieve its goal, communication activities aim to ensure that information needs and expectations of personnel, shareholders and other key stakeholders are taken into account.

Our communication is proactive and accurate. We carry out continuous dialogue with our most important stakeholder groups. In all matters regarding our company and Hanhikivi 1 –project we are committed to

  • communicating diversely and openly,
  • enabling the whole organization to communicate effectively and fluently, and
  • supporting the safety principles and contributing to a high-level safety culture by setting nuclear safety as the first priority.

 5. Security

The objective of corporate security is to ensure business continuity by mitigating risks that might jeopardize nuclear safety or harm any other assets. In order to facilitate secured environment, we are developing security as a part of safety culture. Security actions aim to prevent unlawful or unauthorized activities that could endanger or damage our operations and assets.

To ensure corporate security and information security we are committed to

  • define adequate security methods and controls to identify threats and mitigate risks,
  • identify and define roles, responsibilities and authorizations at a level commensurate with the sensitivity and criticality of information systems, and
  • appropriately manage all business and personal information gathered.

We achieve security of information through the preservation of appropriate confidentiality, integrity and availability. Internal and external parties are informed of applicable threats related to information security and trained to avoid them.

6. Environment

Fennovoima aims to consider nature values and minimize adverse environmental impacts during  the construction project by implementing best available practices and technologies. Fennovoima's goal is sustainable stewardship of natural resources. Fennovoima is seen as acting according to responsible practices in all situations.

We are committed to

  • carry out systematic environmental risk management to reduce risks and their consequences,
  • set targets for operations and regularly assess progress in environmental matters,
  • monitor environmental impacts and the state of the environment around the Hanhikivi site, and 
  • communicate actively on environmental matters and promote dialog and cooperation between various parties.

Fennovoima steers its employees towards responsibility and awareness of the environmental matters through consistent training and guidance. It is everyone's duty to promote the effective and environmentally efficient use of resources.