Fennovoima’s governance is based on openness and responsibility. This applies to management, administration, finances, and other operations. The annual general meeting carries the ultimate responsibility for the company.

The annual general meeting names five to eleven ordinary members and four deputy members for the Board of Directors for a period of one year at a time. The CEO manages the company, assisted by the management team. 

The structure, responsibilities, and operations of the Fennovoima organization have been arranged to meet the requirements of the Nuclear Energy Act and other laws and decrees binding on the company. Fennovoima’s operations have been divided into departments. The head of each department is also a member of the management team. The Board ensures that the CEO, named by the Board, handles his or her duties in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations, and works in the best interest of the company.

Fennovoima also has four committees named by the Board: the Nuclear Safety Committee, the Project Execution Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Nominating Committee. The Committees supervise the progress of the project, identify development targets, and monitor the achievement of project objectives.

Fennovoima’s Board of Directors

Fennovoima Oy’s annual general meeting nominated the Board at its meeting on April 18, 2019.


Esa Härmälä, M.Sc. (Agric.)

Vice chairperson:

Anastasia Zoteeva, CEO, Rusatom Energy International


Pekka Erkkilä, M.Sc. (Tech)
Jussi Lehto, CEO, Keravan Energia & Voimaosakeyhtiö SF
Seppo Siljama, CEO, Septem Partners
Stefan Storholm, CEO, Katternö Kärnkraft

Anton Dedusenko, Deputy CEOJSC Rusatom Energy International

Deputy members:

Konstantin Kryazhevskikh, Chief Legal Officer, Rusatom Energy International
Juha Mäkitalo, Senior Partner, Asianajotoimisto Mäkitalo Rantanen & Co Oy
Arto Räty, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Fortum
Ilkka Salonen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, East Office of Finnish Industries


Fennovoima management team

Chief Executive Officer Toni Hemminki started in this position in October 2014. He came to the company from SSAB, which is one of the owners of Fennovoima.

Chief Operating Officer Timo Okkonen is responsible for leading the Utility Operations division at Fennovoima. He has previously worked at Inspecta Group and has a deep understanding of nuclear technology and plant safety.

Project Director Jouni Takakarhu is in charge of project management. Takakarhu has been previously employed by Pöyry, Borealis and Neste Oil.

Chief Financial Officer Otso Torniainen is responsible for the company’s finances and funding. Torniainen has been previously employed by Empower IM Oy, Fortum, and E.ON, among others.

Chief Legal Officer Wilhelm Guthwert is responsible for the company’s legal issues. He has been previously employed by Pöyry and Roschier Asianajotoimisto Oy.

Communications Director Sakari Kotola is responsible for the company’s communications and public relations. Before joining Fennovoima, he held several communications, stakeholder and marketing positions at Nokia.

Human Resources Director Eija Salo is responsible for the company’s human resources and administration. She has been previously employed by Lite-On Mobile Oy and in business management training and consulting positions in Executive Education Oy, a company of the Aalto University.

Chief Information Officer Mikko Virtanen is responsible for the company’s information technology and management systems, and their development. He has previously worked at Tekla and Quattrogemini and has a wide experience in construction projects and information management solutions.

Responsible Manager Vesa Ruuska is ensuring that the project complies with safety regulations. He has been previously employed by Posiva and STUK in nuclear safety related positions.  

For photos of the Fennovoima management team, please click here.


Fennovoima’s organizational structure

At present, Fennovoima’s operations focus on the supervision of nuclear power plant design, quality and project management, and the application for various permits and licenses.

Fennovoima’s organizational structure is presented in the figure below.