Policies and guidelines

The Fennovoima Code of Conduct and Company Policy define the responsible way to implement all our operations that everyone working for Fennovoima is required to adhere to in all actions.

Fennovoima Company Policy supports our mission, vision and strategy. The Company Policy defines the principles according to which Fennovoima takes care of nuclear and radiation safety in its functions, ensures the quality of its activities and products and secures the working environment. It includes aspects related to nuclear and radiation safety, quality, human resources, occupational health and safety, security, environment, and communication. Our Company Policy was last updated in fall 2018. A revision of the Company Policy is made on a regular basis, according to the Fennovoima Management System processes.

The Code of Conduct incorporates the principles that are considered in all our actions and operations. Our Code of Conduct follows the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact, which promotes sustainable development and responsible business practices. Fennovoima expects its suppliers to comply with Fennovoima’s Code of Conduct and with all applicable laws.