Policies and guidelines

Fennovoima Code of Conduct and Company Policy define the responsible way to implement all our operations that everyone working for Fennovoima must adhere to in all actions.

We are committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the nuclear safety principles, and Fennovoima’s company policy and ethical principles that steer the organization’s operations.

Fennovoima Company Policy supports our mission, vision, and strategy. It defines the principles according to which Fennovoima takes care of nuclear and radiation safety in its functions, ensures the quality of its activities and products, and secures the working environment. It includes aspects related to:

  • nuclear and radiation safety,
  • quality,
  • human resources,
  • occupational health and safety,
  • security,
  • environment, and
  • communications.

We review the Company Policy regularly, in accordance with Fennovoima Management System processes.

Fennovoima Code of Conduct incorporates the principles that must be adhered in all our actions and operations. It follows the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact which promotes sustainable development and responsible business practices. Fennovoima expects its suppliers to comply with Fennovoima’s Code of Conduct and with all applicable laws.

The cornerstones of Fennovoima's procurement are safety, reliability, suitability, and cost-effectiveness. The principles of procurement are based on Fennovoima's Company Policy and Code of Conduct, as well as transparent governance. You can find Fennovoima’s Procurement Policy here.

Reporting grievances or violations

Fennovoima employees are expected and encouraged to report suspected violations of law, Fennovoima Code of Conduct, and Fennovoima’s internal regulatory framework, primarily to their supervisor or to the Compliance team. We also provide our employees with a so-called whistleblowing tool that allows anonymous reporting of all compliance-related observations.

For external stakeholders, Fennovoima has in place two channels for reporting compliance and ethics concerns, grievances, or potential non-compliance. We encourage you to raise your concerns by sending an email to [email protected] or anonymously via an online whistleblowing tool provided by an external service provider. You can access it here: 

We apply absolute confidentiality to all communications related to expressing concerns, and we do not tolerate retaliation against a person making good-faith complaints of improper behavior. Any retaliation attempts lead to disciplinary measures and even termination of employment.

Our Compliance team assesses all reported suspicions of violations and takes appropriate action. We recommend that you follow-up the communication in the whistleblowing tool as we may contact you for further information and inform you of the outcome of the investigation. Proven cases of ethical misconduct or non-compliance will lead to appropriate disciplinary actions.

Please report your concern in Finnish or English.

What will happen after you submit your concern to us

  1. A report is received, recorded, and studied by our Compliance team. The Compliance team assesses if additional Fennovoima personnel needs to be made aware of the suspected violation to handle it appropriately.
  2. Investigation of the circumstances conducted by our Compliance team. You may be asked for further information.
  3. A decision based on the outcome of the investigation is made.
  4. You will be informed of the outcome of the investigation.