About Hanhikivi 1

Hanhikivi 1 is the biggest investment project in Finland. The project is now at its licensing phase and we are working towards construction license. Meanwhile at the site, preparing work is done: support buildings and infrastructures. 

This is how we build the nuclear power plant

When the goal is a power plant that is ready for operation and safe, you must take into consideration its entire life cycle already during the design phase of the plant. The scale of the project is unique and it requires a holistic approach already at the design stage.


Are you a subcontractor and interested in joining our project? The Hanhikivi 1 project provides companies of different sizes from a variety of fields with work and contracting opportunities. Fennovoima and the main contractor Titan-2 are collecting the contact information of contractors and service providers interested in cooperation in their electronic registers.

The construction site

Information about the construction site: site access training, access permit, contractor area and construction site visits.