About Hanhikivi 1

Hanhikivi 1 is the biggest investment project in Finland. The project is now at its licensing phase and we are working towards construction license. Meanwhile at the site, preparing work is done: support buildings and infrastructures. 

Building a Nuclear Power Plant

Hanhikivi 1 will have a third generation evolutionary pressurized water reactor based on VVER -technology which is developed by OKB Gidropress, a ROSATOM subsidiary.First VVER units were built already before 1970s, and good operational experiences have been gained in Finland as well. 


Are you a subcontractor and interested in joining our project? The Hanhikivi 1 project provides companies of different sizes from a variety of fields with work and contracting opportunities. Fennovoima and the main contractor Titan-2 are collecting the contact information of contractors and service providers interested in cooperation in their electronic registers.

The construction site

Information about the construction site: site access training, access permit, contractor area and construction site visits.