Building a Nuclear Power Plant Step by Step

Nuclear power plant's construction is a complex project which can be roughly devided into two: 1) preparing and building the nuclear power plant itself and 2) building other necessary buildings in the area.

Before each new stage, thorough and careful plans and assessments are carried out; planning is a key factor to a succesful construction phase.

Infrastructure Works

Fennovoima's nuclear power plant will be built onto a greenfield site. Therefore the works have begun with preparing the site, e.g. cutting down trees, bringing electricity and municipal engineering to the area as well as building and strenghtening roads.

When the site has been prepared, the excavation works for the cooling water tunnels and excavation for buildings begin. The rock material from the excavation works will be used in the plant area as much as possible.

The infrastructure works will last some 2–3 years.


Building the actual nuclear power plant can start after the construction license has been granted. The nuclear power plant will contain reactor, turbine, safeguards and fuel buildings as well as many auxiliary buildings.

In addition to the nuclear power plant, several other buildings will be built in the area, e.g. offices, storehoused as well as an accommodation area for some 1000 workers.

Site Map for Building Responsibilities

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