An access permit is required to enter the construction site

An access permit is required to enter the Hanhikivi headland construction site. Sufficient time should be reserved for the permit application process.

The access permit is personal, and it may be granted to the employees of companies that have signed a contract with Fennovoima or its contractors.

Before an access permit can be granted, the required company and employee data, as well as the contracts, must be approved and stored in the work site registry. Registration to the site register is done with the ID provided by the contractual partner to the contractor.

The contractor must submit the following company data to the registry:

  • The company’s contact information and the persons responsible for safety
  • An extract from the trade register
  • A certificate of registration with the employer register
  • Certificates of registration with the VAT register and the preliminary tax withholding register
  • An occupational accident insurance certificate
  • An account indicating the collective labor agreement or key terms of employment to be applied
  • A certificate of payment of taxes
  • A certificate of valid retirement pension policy
  • An account of how the company provides its employees with Finnish occupational health care services

We recommend that all companies join the Reliable Partner program: for the participating companies, all the data to be submitted by virtue of the Contractor’s Liability Act will be automatically transmitted to the work site registry.

In order to become eligible for an access permit, each employee is required to:

  • Submit their personal data as required
    - Foreigners need to have the right to work in Finland
    - Finnish tax number in public register of tax numbers
  • Be in possession of an occupational health card
  • Pass a concise security clearance (performed by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service at the request of Fennovoima)
  • Be in possession of an occupational safety card (or “green card”)
  • Pass a drug test (U Huum 5B)
  • Take the work site access training course and pass the final examination

Granted by Fennovoima, the construction site access permit entitles the carrier to independently access the work site area.

Additional information:

Fennovoima security organization