Labor Relations

Fennovoima, RAOS Project, and labor market organizations have signed a site agreement on the common rules at the upcoming nuclear power plant construction site.

Fennovoima's goal is a functional and safe construction site, where labor relations are handled properly and shadow economy is effectively prevented. By laying good groundwork, the aim is to ensure that also labor relations are smooth during the construction phase.

The site agreement lays out the agreed collaboration practices to be followed at the construction site: among others, the exchange of information, problem solving procedures, labour union representation at the construction site, and practical ways to prevent a grey economy.

At most, an estimated 4000 people will be working at the Hanhikivi 1 site. The project offers plenty of opportunities for Finnish companies and workers. The construction site will have Finnish and foreign workers, and an extensive network of subcontractors.

The subcontractor network will be managed and supervised, and shadow economy prevented through good preparations with labour and employer unions, the plant supplier, and different authorities. Fennovoima has assembled a working group of representatives from the main Finnish labor market organizations; the group is brainstorming solutions for the construction site's labour market challenges.

Construction site register has information on everyone working at the site

Fennovoima has implemented a job site register that contains the current information on all the companies and workers at the work site. Additionally, an official infopoint will be set up where workers and companies can seek consulting and advice.