Work site registry

The Hanhikivi 1 construction site management operations emphasize the prevention of the gray economy. The key tool used by Fennovoima for this purpose is the work site registry.

The work site registry enables Fennovoima to manage the data for all the companies and workers operating at the construction and ensure that everything is in order. Our aim is to have all persons and companies working at the construction site entered in the work site registry.

The work site registry helps us in fulfilling our statutory responsibilities. In addition to preparing the required reports for the tax administration, Fennovoima is able to provide the Regional State Administrative Agency with real-time data on the persons working at the construction site, the introduction training received by them, and occupational safety at the site.

In fact, the work registry constitutes an up-to-date, centralized register system that contains information relating to the companies operating at the construction site, their mutual contracts, their employees, and their identifiers, as well as the processes required to manage them. The system features automated functions that facilitate the management of the construction site, such as automatic check of a company’s contractor liability information. Furthermore, the systems allows for real-time, on-site worker inspections.

Every person working at the construction site must be contractually employed by a company belonging to a subcontracting chain. This company, in turn, must have a signed a piecework contract with another company operating at the construction site. For a company employee to be positioned at the construction site to be eligible for a site access training course organized by Fennovoima, and following the successful completion thereof, a personal access permit card, these contracts must be complete and the subcontracting chain unbroken. 

The access permit card entitles the carrier to independently move around and perform work at the construction site, and to sign in when entering the site and sign out when exiting. When at the construction site, the card must be kept visible at all times.