Topical at Hanhikivi 1 Construction Site

In 2015–2018, infrastructure as well as auxiliary buildings valued at EUR 400–500 million will be built at the Hanhikivi 1 site.

Progress at the site

Currently, preparatory work is in progress. During this phase, all functions supporting the construction of the actual power plant will be built as close to completion as possible. The construction of the power plant is scheduled to begin in 2019, after Fennovoima receives the construction license.

At the moment, approximately 250 people are carrying out daily work at the site. The work site registry includes 519 companies, of which 483 are Finnish. About 2,460 people have passed the construction site introduction training.

Work in progress

  • Accommodation village
    An accommodation village for 1,000 people will be built along the Hanhikiventie road that runs from main road 8 to the construction site. The accommodation village will comprise 21 two-story buildings, a parking lot for 800 vehicles, and a separate sauna building. The accommodation village contractor is Rakennuskartio, a subsidiary of Lehto Group from Kempele, Finland.
  • Sorted waste station
    Waste generated during the construction phase of the Hanhikivi 1 project will be collected and recycled at a station comprising a 1,000-square-meter steel shed and an outdoor yard area covering an area of 5,600 square meters. The contractor responsible for the construction of the sorted waste station is Lapin Teollisuusrakennus.
  • Weather mast
     A 120-meter weather mast was supplied by Aerial and the measuring instruments will be supplied by Vaisala.
  • Site office buildings, first aid facility and restaurant
    Titan-2, the main contractor of the Hanhikivi 1 project, will construct two site offices, a first aid facility and a restaurant for 600 people in the work site area. Both offices will have working space for 200 employees. The offices will be used by RAOS Project and Titan-2. AS Maru Ehitus is the contractor.
  • Groundwork for the reactor building
    The excavation work at the power plant site is carried out by Destia. The company was also responsible for the grouting of the bedrock.
  • Dredging and water construction work
    Dredging and water construction works comprises the dredging and hydraulic construction work of the harbor, cooling water intake channel and the standby cooling water intake channel.
  • Excavation of cooling water tunnels
    The cooling water tunnel excavation comprises the excavation of a 500-meter cooling water tunnel and two 200-meter vehicle access tunnels.
  • Environmental monitoring and site supervision
    Environmental monitoring and site supervision is carried out on land and at sea. These tasks are carried out by Nab Labs, Luode Consulting, and Sito Oy, among others.

Future work

  • Social facilities​
    Titan-2, the main contractor, will construct social facilities for 2,600 people in the work site area. UAB Profileksas is responsible for the construction of the social facilities.
  • Hydraulic construction and dredging work
    Titan-2 and BMGS Eesti filial have signed a contract on hydraulic construction and dredging work. In addition to the dredging and excavation work relating to the construction of the cooling water discharge channel, the protective embankments, and the temporary cofferdam, the contract comprises the construction of the temporary cofferdam.
    Some 27,000 cubic meters of material will be removed from the sea area. A pit with a volume of 50,000 cubic meters and a depth of 11 meters will be excavated for the cooling water discharge channel.
  • Administrative building and plant office
    Fennovoima is commissioning the construction of an administrative building and plant office at the plant site. The total floor area of the facilities will be approximately 17,000 square meters.

Completed work

  • Security gate building
    Fennovoima accepted the security gate building contract in August 2017. The building was constructed by Rakennusliike Sorvoja Oy from Oulainen.
  • Training building
    Fennovoima's two-story, 1,200 m2 training building has been built along the Hanhikiventie road. The contractor for the work was Rakennusliike Sorvoja.
  • Concrete mixing plants
    Titan-2 has chosen Ruskon Betoni from Oulu to supply ready-mixed concrete for the site. Ruskon Betoni built two concrete mixing plants for the site in summer 2016.
  • Hanhikiventie road
    One of the first large contracts to be completed was the Hanhikiventie road, the four-kilometer route from main road 8 to the construction site. The contractor was Suomen Maastorakentajat. The road opened in autumn 2015.