Plant Design VVER-1200

Hanhikivi 1 will have a third generation evolutionary pressurized water reactor based on Russian VVER plants, which were developed by OKB Gidropress, a ROSATOM subsidiary.

First VVER units were built already before 1970s, and good operational experiences have been gained in Finland as well. Fortum has operated two VVER-440 units in Loviisa for several decades now with good operational and safety records.

The main performances, reliability and safe operation of reactor incorporated into the design, are proved by the VVER-type NPP operating experience. The reference units for Hanhikivi 1 are now under construction in Russia in Sosnovy Bor (Leningrad 1 and 2). Within the past 25 years, 20 VVER plants have been taken into operation.

Development of the plant type has been done with export market in mind, along with the Russian domestic market so applicable international legislation has been taken into account in the plant design. The plant can also be built to fulfill the Finnish requirements, such as the YVL guides by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland (STUK).

The plant produces 3200 MW of thermal power and has horizontal steam generators which is typical for VVER plants. Operational lifetime of the plant is 60 years.

Main Design Parameters

Rated reactor core thermal power 3200 MW
Thermal efficiency ~37 %
Electric power 1200 MW
Primary circuit pressure 162 bar
Number of fuel assemblies 163
Number of control rods 121
Primary circuit loops / Steam generators 4
Rated core coolant flow rate 85 600 m3/h