Contractor area

The contractor area located at the Hanhikivi peninsula has a number of lots available for companies to rent.

For advance reservation, rates, and additional information, please contact:
Sanna Nousiainen, Project Engineer,
tel. +358 20 757 8552
[email protected]

An area covering 30 hectares along the Hanhikiventie road leading to the construction site has been zoned as a contractor area. Fennovoima is renting out the lots located in the area to various enterprises, mainly industrial companies. Part of the area has been preliminarily zoned for daily consumer goods trade.

Fennovoima is primarily looking for corporate tenants whose business operations will support the power plant’s ten-year-long construction phase. The tenant selection process also takes into consideration any advantages provided by the company’s services at the operational phase of the plant.

Basic information of the Hanhikivi peninsula contractor area:

  • The area covers approximately 37.1 hectares.
  • The total combined lot area is some 27.2 hectares
  • The total permitted building area is approximately 136,000 square meters
  • The lots have a density rate (e) of 0.5. The density rate indicates the permitted building floor area in relation to the area of the lot.
  • The Service building area (P) lot covers approximately 2.0 hectares.
  • The TY area covers approximately 6.9 hectares.
  • The T-1 area covers approximately 18.3 hectares.
  • Block 2 (P + TY) covers approximately 8.9 hectares.
  • Block 4 covers approximately 7.3 hectares.
  • Block 5 covers approximately 6.1 hectares.
  • Block 6 covers approximately 4.9 hectares.
  • The area is some 7 km from downtown Pyhäjoki and some 2 km from the plant site.

The lots available in the contractor area can be viewed on the land use planning map.

Land use planning on the Hanhikivi peninsula can be viewed [here].