Register as a subcontractor

Are you a subcontractor and interested in joining our project? The Hanhikivi 1 project provides work and contracting opportunities for companies of different sizes from a variety of fields.

Fennovoima and the main contractor Titan-2 are collecting the contact information of contractors and service providers interested in cooperation in their electronic registers. For any company, the first step towards participation in the Hanhikivi 1 project is to register in both the Fennovoima database and the Titan-2 database.

In addition to Fennovoima, the municipalities of the Pyhäjoki region, entrepreneur organizations, and business development organizations provide information about work and contracting opportunities. Fennovoima also assists the plant supplier, RAOS Project, and the main contractor, Titan-2, in their cooperation with Finnish companies.

Fennovoima’s supplier register

By submitting the information of your company with this form, you can confirm that you are interested in participating in the Hanhikivi 1 project. The data will be saved in the Fennovoima contact information register. If necessary, the data can be handed over to key parties involved in the project, such as the plant supplier, the main contractor, or other parties in the subcontracting chain.

Titan-2 supplier register

Companies that wish to deliver products connected directly to the plant delivery must register in the database of the main contractor, Titan-2. It is always recommended to also register in the Fennovoima supplier register. For more information on currently ongoing and future competitive bids and instructions on how to register in the Titan-2 database, please visit

Below, you can find more information on the duties of the different parties to the project.

FENNOVOIMA OY - Subcontractor supply chain of Fennovoima, FENNOVOIMA OY - RAOS PROJECT OY - TITAN-2 - Subcontractor supply chain of main contractor

Fennovoima Oy

  • Role: Client
  • Area of responsibility: License applicant and operator. Fennovoima’s own scope of supply includes infrastructure construction and construction of supporting and auxiliary buildings.
  • Contact person: Development Manager Juha Miikkulainen, tel. +358 20 757 8417, [email protected]
  • Register in the Fennovoima supplier register

RAOS Project Oy


  • Role: Main contractor
  • Area of responsibility:
  • Construction site preparation
    • Land and water construction
    • Infrastructure works and municipal engineering systems at the plant site
    • Detailed design
    • Construction of the reactor and turbine island, as well as auxiliary buildings
    • Materials
    • Components
    • Instrumentation and control
    • Installation
  • Titan-2’s website


  • Role: Main component supplier
  • Area of responsibility: Components with long lead times for the reactor island


  • Role: Plant main designer
  • Area of responsibility: Project design and plant documentation connected to licensing


  • Role: Main process designer
  • Area of responsibility: Reactor island process design
Development Manager
+358 20 757 8417

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