All alternative regions in favor of Fennovoima

Fennovoima has the support of all three of its alternative site locations. In the most northern of them, Simo, located in Lapland, the municipal council decided yesterday to favor building Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant in the municipality.

Simo, like the other two alternative locations Pyhäjoki and Ruotsinpyhtää, emphasized e.g. the positive employment impacts of Fennovoima’s project.

These three statements are a major milestone of Fennovoima’s project so far. The favorable statements are crucial to the project, since a positive stand of the municipality is required in order for the project to advance.

In addition to the positive statements given by the locations, almost all of their neighboring municipalities also gave favorable statements.

The next main goal for Fennovoima is to get a positive Decision-in-Principle from the Government, which will presumably make the decision in the beginning of 2010.