Apply for sponsorship in February

We support sports, culture and general interest projects in Pyhäjoki and the surrounding region. We also invite the applicants to act for the environment

We look after the well-being of people and the society and environment around us, and work to mitigate climate change. Locally, we support sports, culture and general interest projects in Pyhäjoki and its region. We place particular focus on projects that support the well-being of children and young people.

For the first time, we challenge all sponsorship applicants to act for the environment. The fight to mitigate climate change is a joint effort where all actions, great and small, count. We are committed to keeping climate change at the forefront of public discourse and to promote the growth of cleantech business in Finland. We made this commitment to climate in the Finnish climate summit in 2018.

Examples of environmental action that our applicants might take include action to reduce the carbon footprint, save energy, or to recycle and reduce waste. Applicants may also make choices for a more pleasant and healthy living environment, putting less strain on the environment.

The criteria and principles of our sponsorship decisions remain the same: in addition to annual sponsorship agreements with sports clubs and associations, we also support local events.

Apply for sponsorship by the end of February. All applications will be processed in March.

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More information:
Kati Mehtomaa, Communications Officer tel. +358 (0)20 757 8581