Apply for sponsorship in February

We look after the well-being of people and the society and environment around us, and work to mitigate climate change.

Organizations and hobbies play a major role in the everyday lives of many families. At best, a hobby is a means for people to have something interesting to do as well as to find new friends and an important community. The hobby being easy to find, the costs being low at the beginning and instructors having sufficient language skills are important aspects when families are searching for new hobbies.

We challenge all of our sponsorship applicants to lower the threshold for starting a new hobby.
At best, the communality of a hobby can support the entire family in the integration into a new community. Furthermore, varied local activities will make Pyhäjoki and the neighboring region cozier and more attractive.

We support sports, culture and general interest projects in Pyhäjoki and its region. Our local activities focus on hobbies for children and young people.Apply for sponsorship by the end of February. All applications will be processed in March.

Go to the application form to tell us how your association or organization can lower the threshold for starting a new hobby. >>

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