Change in Fennovoima Management Team, Chief Legal Office Wilhelm Guthwert leaves the company

Fennovoima Chief Legal Officer and management team member Wilhelm Guthwert is leaving the company at the end of August. Sonja Westerling will be the acting legal director. She has been working as a Senior Legal Counsel at Fennovoima.

“I would like to thank Wilhelm for his contribution to Hanhikivi 1 project and to helping to develop the whole company further”, says Toni Hemminki and continues “Wilhelm’s ability to identify important issues and his calm and constructive way of working have been important in the Fennovoima Management Team work. I wish all the best to him in achieving his future targets.”

“I am happy that I have been able to be part of a significant project and a continuously developing company that will have a significant role in supporting the climate targets.” says Wilhelm Guthwert and continues “My long term dream has been to establish own company and now I have a chance to realize my dream.”