Operatiivinen johtaja Timo Okkonen

Change in Fennovoima management team – Timo Okkonen to leave his position as COO

Timo Okkonen will leave his position as Chief Operating Officer of Fennovoima in the end of January 2021. Timo will continue to work for the Hanhikivi 1 project in a key role as a senior executive consultant through his own company.

Timo Okkonen started as a consultant to support Fennovoima in the autumn 2017. He joined Fennovoima at the end of 2018 as Chief Development Officer. After that he became Chief Operating Officer and interim CEO for the company.

"Two years ago Fennovoima implemented significant changes in its organization and ways of working, which fostered good progress in the Hanhikivi 1 project," says CEO Joachim Specht and continues: "Timo was the key architect and driver in planning and executing the transformation. He has also supported me with all his heart after I joined Fennovoima. I am really grateful for this and appreciate the fact that he will continue to advise us in the future."

"I will continue to be dedicated to the Hanhikivi 1 project," says Timo Okkonen and continues: "While the nuclear sector will remain important in my work, this move provides me a better opportunity to pursue my passion in leadership. I have already written a book on how service businesses and professional organizations can be enabled to meet future challenges. My motto is that the change cannot be made – it evolves!"

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