Contract for training building signed with a Finnish company

Fennovoima has signed a contract for the construction of the training building with Rakennusliike Sorvoja Oy. The contract is worth about 2,0 million euros with the agreed options.

The contract includes the design and implementation of the construction as well as HVAC work of the training building. Construction is scheduled to begin in January–February, and the building is to be completed in July 2016.

Rakennusliike Sorvoja is a construction company based in Oulainen northern Finland with more than 50-year experience in Finnish construction projects. The company builds industrial, commercial as well as residential buildings.

The Fennovoima training building will serve as the training and orientation facility for the Hanhikivi 1 project staff. The desks for the Hanhikivi construction site ID card process are also located in the building.

In addition, the building will have working space for different authorities. Thanks to these facilities, tax administration, police as well as employment and economic development authorities, for example, will be able to provide advisory services for employees on-site.

The two-storey training building has approximately 1,200 square meters in area. Made of pre-fabricated wooden elements, the building will be the first permanent building built by Fennovoima in Hanhikivi headland.

Further information:
Karri Huusko, Development Manager, Fennovoima, tel. +358 20 757 9216
Heidi Laikari, Regional Communications Officer, Fennovoima, tel. +358 20 757 8546
Jaakko Sorvoja, Managing Director, Rakennusliike Sorvoja, tel. +358 44 038 7096