Decree on restrictions of movement and presence on the Hanhikivi headland enters into force

Seven new sites have been added to the Ministry of the Interior’s decree on restrictions of movement and presence and its appendices. One of these sites is the nuclear power plant site on the Hanhikivi headland. The decree will enter into force on the 30th of November 2015.

The Ministry’s decree can restrict movement or presence on a site or in its surroundings. It can also prohibit bringing objects to the site, which endanger safety. Violating these restrictions can result in fines.

The purpose of the restrictions is to secure operations or property on the site or to protect outsiders and people working on the site. The decree requires that the restricted area is marked clearly and, when necessary, the most important areas for the site’s operations are fenced off.

The Hanhikivi plant site is fenced off, and access to the area has been restricted since the end of August. Fennovoima will mark the restricted area according to the requirements of the decree.

The other six areas added to the decree are: Lahti-Vesivehmaa airfield, Suomenlinna prison, steel works area in Raahe, car test tracks and safety areas around them in Muonio, port of Raahe, and Vallisaari island on the coast of Helsinki.

Earlier, similar restrictions have been set for a total of 101 Finnish sites. These sites include airfields, prisons, transformer substations, power plants and industrial sites.

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