Enter the Hanhikivi-1 Construction Site Logo Competition

Fennovoima’s mission is to build a nuclear power plant on the Hanhikivi peninsula in Pyhäjoki to generate CO2-free electricity at a stable price far into the future. The plant and its construction provide employment and economic well-being in Northern Finland.

Building the infrastructure and support buildings on the Hanhikivi peninsula is already in progress. Construction of the power plant will start in 2018, and it will be taken into commercial operation in 2024. At its peak, the construction is estimated to employ as many as 4 000 people.

We now want to create a brand for the construction site that will bring all those working on the site together and engage them in a uniform and responsible way of working. One visible part of the site brand will be the Hanhikivi-1 logo. As we want to provide employment and income especially in Northern Finland, we hope that the designer of this logo would be from this region.

This is why we are inviting entrants for

Hanhikivi 1 logo design competition

Entry Requirements

The competition is open to design offices or freelancers, working in Northern Finland, with experience in the design of logos or visual identities.

Competition Entries and Progress of the Competition

Register in the competition by e-mail ([email protected]) latest on Friday the 4th of March 2016. Those entering the competition will be provided with a detailed brief on the design work.

The site logo entry and the reasoning behind it should be sent to the same e-mail by the end of March 2016.

Selection of the Winner and Prizes

The winner is selected by a jury whose composition will be published later. The winner of the competition will receive a 5 000 euro prize from Fennovoima in exchange for the right to use the logo and for its originals. If there are several good candidates, we will also pay two second best entries a 1 000 euro prize. Fennovoima will have no rights over other entries.

More Information

Hanna Vanhatalo
Public Affairs Manager
[email protected]
Tel. +358 20 757 8610
She can be reached on Friday 26th February 2016 at 10–14 and on Monday 29th February 2016 at 13–16.