Fennovoima applies for environmental permits

Fennovoima is applying for an environmental permit for its nuclear power plant regarding the activities and emissions during the operation of the plant.

With the application Fennovoima is also applying for a water permit for the sea water intake and use as cooling water. In addition, with a separate application, Fennovoima applies for an environmental permit for the back-up power production of the nuclear power plant.

The environmental permit application covers all matters relating to the operation of the power plant, such as the intake of cooling water and discharge into the sea, supply of service water, treatment of waste waters, treatment and storage of conventional waste, handling and storage of chemicals as well as traffic and transportation to the power plant. The application takes into account the further investigations required by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in their statement of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report concerning, inter alia, the impact of the discharge of cooling water on water systems and on the fishing industry.

Another environmental permit is applied for the back-up power production, i.e. the diesel generators and auxiliary steam boilers. The diesel generators and the auxiliary steam boilers will be used to produce electricity and steam for the plant during operational transients and accident situations.

Fennovoima has submitted the environmental permit applications to the Northern Finland's Regional State Administrative Agency today.

The Northern Finland's Regional State Administrative Agency will gather statements from relevant authorities as well as opinions from citizens with a hearing procedure. The Regional State Administrative Agency informs about the hearing procedure later on. During the time of the procedure the applications will be on public display at the town hall of Pyhäjoki as well as Fennovoima's office in Pyhäjoki.

For more information:
Fennovoima's EHS Director Kristiina Honkanen tel. +358 20 757 9222