Fennovoima applying water permits

Fennovoima is applying permits for its nuclear power plant regarding construction in sea areas at the plant site in Pyhäjoki in Northern Finland. There are three separate water permit applications.

One of the applications covers the constructions of sea route, harbor, and cooling water intake. Another permit is being applied for building cooling water outlet and cover banks related to them. Also, a permit is needed for the sea dumping area of the nuclear power plant.

These water permits are applied from Northern Finland's Regional State Administrative Agency who will receive the applications on February 12, 2013.

The harbor area is needed for sea traffic of the nuclear power plant, especially for transportations during construction of the plant. Later it is used for transportations during yearly revisions. The harbor area will be covered by breakwater.

Cooling water for the nuclear power plant is taken from the sea area and lead to the plant in a tunnel. The intake structure is planned to be built on the harbor area.

After use, the cooling water is lead back to sea through another tunnel. Outlet structures and outlet water channel with cover banks will be built outside of the outlet tunnel.

Dredging masses will develop when building the water way, harbor area as well as cooling water intake and outlet. These masses are planned to be used in the power plant area. Some of the mass will be dumped to sea. E.g. breakwaters and covering banks will be built from the rock material.

For the permit applications, studies were executed in the sea and land areas at the site for about a year. Likewise, planning for construction and water structures continued for about a year.

Northern Finland's Regional State Administrative Agency will gather statements from relevant officials as well as opinions from citizens with a consultation procedure. Regional State Administrative Agency informs about the consultation procedure later on. During the time of the procedure the applications will be on display at the town hall of Pyhäjoki as well as Fennovoima's office in Pyhäjoki.

For more information regarding the applications, please contact Fennovoima's
Construction Director Timo Kallio, tel. +358 20 757 9207.