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Fennovoima is reorganizing its operations – New members to the company’s management team

Fennovoima is reorganizing its operations to support preparations for the future phases of the Hanhikivi 1 project. The new organizational model will take effect on January 1, 2022, and new members will be appointed to Fennovoima's Management Team.

In the new model, the existing organizations for utility operations and project management will be organized into four divisions, which are responsible for technical design and licensing, supply chain development and contract management, project management and scheduling, and plant operation and maintenance planning and preparation. The head of each division will report to Fennovoima's Chief Operating Officer, Philippe Bordarier, and will join the company's management team.

The new organizational model will take effect on January 1, 2022, and the following people will be appointed to lead the divisions:

Janne Liuko will be nominated as Technical Director. Liuko has previously worked as Fennovoima’s Utility Operations Director, in which role he was also responsible for the design, safety and licensing of the Hanhikivi 1 plant. Liuko will continue as a member of Fennovoima’s management team. Liuko has a master's degree in both applied physics and economics.

Katarina Culham will be nominated as Supply Chain and Contracts Director. Culham has worked as Fennovoima’s Contract Management Director since 2020. She has a strong experience in large-scale infrastructure projects, including those in the nuclear sector, such as the Flamanville 3 and Olkiluoto 3 projects. In her new position, Culham will join Fennovoima’s management team. Culham has a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantity Surveying, in addition to which she is also completing law studies.

Tiina Partanen will be nominated as Delivery Director. Partanen has worked at Fennovoima since 2015, most recently as Turbine Unit Director. She has a deep understanding of the Hanhikivi 1 project and strong experience in industrial investments. Prior to Fennovoima, she worked for Caverion Industria and YIT Industry, among others. In her new position, Partanen will join Fennovoima’s management team. She holds a master's degree in industrial engineering and management.

The director of the division responsible for the planning and preparation of operation and maintenance functions will be appointed at a later date. For the time being, the position is held by Chief Operating Officer, Philippe Bordarier.

“The new model brings clarity to roles and responsibilities and ensures our readiness to move from the design and licensing phase to the actual power plant construction and beyond to the next stages of the project. We are currently finalizing the last licensing material to be submitted to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in February, and we are awaiting a construction permit in 2022,” says Fennovoima’s CEO, Joachim Specht.

All members of Fennovoima's Management Team and their areas of responsibility are described on the organization page

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