Fennovoima's nuclear power plant to northern Finland

From now on Fennovoima has two alternative locations for its nuclear power plant: Pyhäjoki and Simo in Northern Finland.

On 11 December 2009, Fennovoima has submitted to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy a revision letter in which the company declares that Ruotsinpyhtää is no longer among the alternative locations for the nuclear power plant.

For over two years, Fennovoima has made extensive studies in the alternative sites related to issues concerning safety, environmental and social impacts as well as impacts related to the construction and operation of the plant. On the basis of the assessments Fennovoima has gradually cut down the number of its alternative sites. In the very beginning of the project, there were some 40 alternative locations in various parts of Finland. Now there are two municipalities left, both located in the north.

In October The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK) confirmed that the two northern sites are suitable for locating a nuclear power plant.

A new nuclear power location decentralizes electricity production geographically and as a result, Finland's security of supply strengthens. The National Emergency Supply Agency of Finland has confirmed this in its statement regarding Fennovoima's project.

Pyhäjoki and Simo and the municipalities around them support Fennovoima's project and want the nuclear power plant to be located in their area. In 2010 Ruotsinpyhtää will become a part of the new Loviisa town, in which the support for a new nuclear power plant site in the town's area is not strong enough.

In Pyhäjoki and Simo, the land use planning and technical studies continue. The final decision of the location of the plant is made by Fennovoima on the basis of the Decision-in-Principle of the Government. The Government is expected to make the decision of who will get the licence or licences in the first part of the year 2010, and the Parliament is expected to process the decision later in 2010.