Kansainvälinen yhteisö on asettanut useita rajoittavia toimenpiteitä. Ydinvoima-alaa ei ole näihin sisällytetty, mutta keskustelua siitäkin käydään. Jo nykyisten päätettyjen sanktioiden odotetaan vaikuttavan Hanhikivi 1 -hankkeeseen.

Fennovoima’s statement on 15.3.2022 on the situation in Ukraine 

The Russian invasion and war in Ukraine continues. EU, the US and many countries have decided on multiple restrictive measures against Russia and more sanctions are expected. 

Several restrictive measures have been set by the international community. The nuclear sector has not been included into these packages, although discussions are ongoing. However, the current decided sanctions are expected to impact the Hanhikivi 1 project. 

Fennovoima considers the situation to be challenging. Nonetheless, Fennovoima has commitments and contracts with project stakeholders including Fennovoima’s own employees. Fennovoima’s duties and legal obligations remain unchanged until there are changes to this framework through sanctions or binding decisions by the relevant authorities. 

For the time being, we carefully follow the developments of the situation. We acknowledge that the dramatic situation generates discussion both in the political and the public space. Fennovoima is in close contact with all relevant stakeholders. 

We are very sad about the developments and the situation in Ukraine. There are a lot of people close to our employees in the area impacted by the invasion and our thoughts are with them. 

At this stage we are not able to comment more on the situation. 

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