Fennovoima's support strong in Pyhäjoki and its region

Clear majority of the residents in Pyhäjoki municipality and the surrounding region have a positive opinion regarding Fennovoima nuclear power plant project in Pyhäjoki.

According to a new poll, 69 per cent of people in Pyhäjoki - more than two thirds of the residents - are in favor of Fennovoima project.

The support in the whole region is almost as strong: 65 per cent of total number of residents in Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Oulainen, Pyhäjoki, Raahe and Vihanti are in favor of Fennovoima project.

Norstat Finland, assigned by Fennovoima, carried out the poll during January-February 2012. In Pyhäjoki, 400 persons were interviewed and from surrounding municipalities, a total of 400 people gave their opinion. The margin of error is 3.5 per cent.

The poll has been carried out in the same region six times, since 2008. According to the results of the polls, Fennovoima’s support in the region has risen constantly. In October 2010, when the last poll was made, 61 per cent of people in Pyhäjoki and 61 per cent of the people in the whole region were positive in their opinion about Fennovoima. During the past polls, 200 people have been interviewed in Pyhäjoki and 200 people in the surrounding municipalities.

Fennovoima decided in October 2011 that Pyhäjoki is the site for the new nuclear power plant.

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