The Hanhikivi construction site was cleared from non-authorised individuals

Based on a request from Fennovoima, the police has removed on Tuesday 15.9. all non-authorised individuals from the Hanhikivi construction site and the cottages located in the area.

The request for official assistance is based on the law concerning immovable property and the reclamation of special rights. Furthermore, the non-authorised individuals have also infringed against legitimate possession.

Non-authorised individuals have stayed at the Hanhikivi construction site since early April. During this period numerous acts of vandalism were committed and works in the area were obstructed. The police has intervened dozens of times and more than one hundred offences were reported. Fennovoima wants to ensure safety and operative functions on the construction site by making sure that no non-authorised individuals are present.

The whole of the Hanhikivi peninsula is a construction site and the land-areas are either property or under legitimate control of Fennovoima. In spring, all the cottages in the area have also been legitimately taken over into the possession of Fennovoima according to the respective permission obtained from the State Council.