Land planning proceeding in all locations

Land planning related to Fennovoima’s project is proceeding in all the three alternative locations, Pyhäjoki, Ruotsinpyhtää and Simo.

In Pyhäjoki, located in Northern Ostrobothnia and in Simo, located in Lapland, the process has reached the propositional stage in all the three required levels of land planning. Kemi-Tornio nuclear power plant provincial land plan proposition was published for the public to see last summer and in Northern Ostrobothnia the respective proposition will be published in autumn 2009.

In Ruotsinpyhtää, located in Eastern Uusimaa, the general and city land planning started in May and the provincial land planning started in June 2009. The participation and evaluation plans for the land use plan, the city plan and the Itä-Uusimaa provincial land plan are presented in Ruotsinpyhtää municipal office and on the municipality’s net site throughout September.

In order to implement Fennovoima’s project, reservations must be made at all land plan levels: provincial, general and city. The first of these defines generally where a nuclear power plant can be located, general land plan defines how the municipality’s land use and community structure are compatible with the nuclear power plants. City plans, in turn, guide the details of construction by, for example, defining the permitted building volume and the positioning of the building at the construction site.