A majority of the local residents support Fennovoima's project

A clear majority of the residents of Pyhäjoki and its surrounding municipalities support Fennovoima's nuclear power plant project.

According to the survey made in October 2014, 66 percent of the people of Pyhäjoki are in favor of the project.

The support of the residents for Fennovoima's project has maintained stable throughout the years. The results show that a total of 61 percent of the residents of both Pyhäjoki and its surrounding municipalities Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Oulainen and Raahe are in favor of the project.

The survey was previously conducted in August 2013. At that time 67 percent of the people living in Pyhäjoki and 65 percent of those living in the surrounding municipalities support Fennovoima's project.

Fennovoima has commissioned a resident survey of the surrounding areas of the nuclear power plant from Norstat Finland eight times since 2008. Norstat Finland conducted a phone survey of a total of 800 randomly selected people, 400 in Pyhäjoki and 400 in the nearby areas. The margin of error is ± 3.5 percent at most. In addition, the residents had the opportunity to share of what topics they want more information about.

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