MEE gave an assessment of Fennovoima’s new owner

The Ministry of the Employment and the Economy MEE has given an assessment of the clarification concerning the new shareholder of Voimaosakeyhtiö SF, the Croatian company Migrit Solarna Energija d.o.o.

In their press release MEE states that the clarification did not provide sufficient assurance that factual control in Migrit Solarna Energija would actually be held by parties whose domicile is in the EU or EFTA countries region.

Next, the matter will be moved for the consideration of Olli Rehn, the Minister of Economic Affairs. According to MEE, the Construction License Application process remains open until the Government decision.

The public parts of Fennovoima’s clarification concerning the ownership are available at the Registry of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy ([email protected]).

Read MEE’s press release here.