MEE’s statement concludes Fennovoima's EIA procedure

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has submitted a statement of the Environmental Impact Assessment of Fennovoima on Monday, June 2nd.

The EIA report contains an assessment of the environmental impacts of the nuclear power plant at Pyhäjoki site. In the report, the impacts on people and the environment are evaluated during the construction and operation phase of the nuclear power plant.

In their report, the Ministry states that the EIA report has been done in accordance with the Finnish EIA legislation. The environmental impacts and possibilities to mitigate these impacts have been sufficiently described in the EIA report.

The further investigations required by the ministry are related to the impacts of the discharge of cooling water into the sea, which will have an effect on flora and fauna. Fennovoima will submit these investigations to MEE together with the construction license application by the end of June 2015.

MEE’s statement concludes the EIA procedure.

Read MEE’s press release here.