Parliament votes on nuclear power licences on 1st of July

The Finnish Parliament is expected to vote on nuclear power licences on the 1st of July. The Parliament is processing two Decision-in-Principles granted by the Finnish Government, Fennovoima’s and TVO’s.

According to the Parliament’s schedule, the discussions on the DiP’s will be carried out on Tuesday 29th of June and Wednesday on 30th of June. On Thursday, 1st of July, the Parliament is to vote if it will grant one, two or zero licences.

If Fennovoima is granted a DiP of the Parliament, the company is ready to proceed swiftly with the project.

The location for the nuclear plant, Pyhäjoki or Simo, is to be chosen in the beginning of 2011. The excavation work on the chosen site will start in 2012, and the construction of the actual plant will start in 2014. The new nuclear power plant will generate electricity in 2020.


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