Pyhäjoki wants Fennovoima in its area

One of the location alternatives for Fennovoima's plant, Pyhäjoki, is in favor of the project. The municipal council voted on the issue June 9th. 16 councilors were for Fennovoima and 5 against.

In its statement the municipal council of Pyhäjoki states that Fennovoima would have positive effects especially on the economy and population structure of the region. Fennovoima would bring millions of euros in tax and several hundred permanent jobs.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has requested statements concerning Fennovoima's Decision-in-Principle application from some 80 authorities and other instances.

Another one of the alternative locations, Ruotsinpyhtää voted in favor of Fennovoima May 18th. Simo municipal council discusses the issue June 15th.