Quarterly update: January–March 2020

In early 2020, Fennovoima's operations have focused on reviewing basic design documentation and licensing documents. RAOS Project, the plant supplier, for its part, has continued the design work, the progress of which will enable the completion of the related sections of the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR). The PSAR localization project launched by the plant supplier a year ago is responsible for this entity. PSAR is a key deliverable for the NPP’s construction license application.


Fennovoima officially submitted the first part of the PSAR to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) for approval in December 2019. The next batch of PSAR will be submitted to STUK for review in April 2020. It describes the plant location and its safety-related analyses. Fennovoima's goal is to have the licensing material mainly delivered to STUK early next year.

In basic design, the main focus has been on reviewing system documentation, but during the second quarter, the focus will move to the basic design of buildings. The first major batch of basic design for buildings is planned to be received from RAOS Project in May 2020.

Preparation for the construction phase

In addition to licensing work, Fennovoima is preparing for the construction phase of the Hanhikivi 1 power plant. During the first months of the year, most of the major design issues related to the plant safety have been resolved and the site layout has been confirmed together with the plant supplier. This makes it possible to proceed with the detailed excavation design. The goal is to continue pit excavation works in late 2020.

To prepare for the construction, special emphasis is placed on the development of an extensive supply chain, ensuring its operational capacity and monitoring. At the moment, Fennovoima has more than 300 subcontractors in its own scope of delivery. There are more than 900 subcontractors in the plant supplier's scope of delivery, of which 80% are from Finland.

The project is progressing following the current baseline time schedule for the majority of the works, and the target schedule has not been changed. Therefore, the goal is to obtain the Construction License in 2021 and to start commercial operation of the power plant in 2028.

Construction site

As part of the preparations for the construction phase, integral functions will gradually relocate to Pyhäjoki. Fennovoima plans to start the construction of the Administration building before summer 2020. The contractor is Lehto Tilat Oy, part of the Lehto Group, and the works are scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2022.

Fennovoima started preparation for the excavation works for the interim spent fuel storage facility. Excavations will be completed before the construction of the power plant to avoid risks at later stages.

In the plant supplier's support area, the construction of the reinforcement workshop, site canteen and surface treatment plant continue. During the first half of the year, works in the turbine storage area started. The construction of longitudinal dams and breakwaters continues in the harbour area.

At the beginning of the year, two Lost Time Accidents occurred on the Hanhikivi peninsula: one falling in the slippery yard and one hand getting caught between the door and the frame thrown by the wind. These accidents were preceded by nearly two years without any Lost Time Accidents. As a company, we are committed to the principle of Zero Accidents.

Personnel and organization

In February, Fennovoima's Board of Directors nominated Joachim Specht as the company's new CEO. He will start in Fennovoima on 1.6.2020. Specht has an in-depth experience in nuclear power construction projects and operational planning.

At the end of March, the company had over 400 employees, of whom about 70 work in Pyhäjoki. Completion of the Administration building in 2022 will enable the company to increase the number of employees in Pyhäjoki.


Fennovoima's Annual Report 2019 was published on March 25 both online at https://www.fennovoima.fi/en/responsibility and in print.

This is an integrated annual report based on Fennovoima's strategy. It contains information on the company's finances, the progress of the project and responsibility work.


Fennovoima contributes to preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The company has taken a number of measures to ensure both the health and safety of the staff and the continuity of work and the progress of the Hanhikivi 1 project. Fennovoima together with RAOS Project is constantly monitoring the situation and updating the operating instructions according to both the virus situation and the instructions of the authorities. During the pandemic, office workers have mostly switched to remote work and working in the offices is allowable only when it is truly necessary. Meetings are held as video conferences. At the Hanhikivi 1 site, construction work and related necessary training will continue. However, we limit the number of people who can attend meetings and trainings on site.

The project is currently progressing on schedule, but the potential future effects of the coronavirus are difficult to predict and will depend on the scale and duration of the pandemic. Fennovoima and RAOS Project have established a Corona Task Force to monitor possible COVID-19 impact and to align mitigation activities between the project participants.

Fennovoima's measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus can be found on our website.

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