Quarterly update: July-September

The busy summer in the Hanhikivi 1 project has focused on the preparation of design and licensing materials. At the same time, the construction of Fennovoima's administrative building began on the site. Join us for an air flight over the Hanhikivi 1 construction site.

During the summer and early autumn, Hanhikivi 1 NPP's design work continued mostly remotely due to the COVID-19. Fennovoima's management lightened internal remote work recommendations in June and allowed working in the office under specific arrangements.

"We have continued the design work mainly remotely, and the preparatory work on the construction site in Pyhäjoki is progressing as planned. The effects of the coronavirus have so far been fairly limited. However, it is still difficult to predict the final effects," says Joachim Specht, CEO of Fennovoima.

Nuclear power plant design and licensing work

We have received about 90% of the basic design stage 1 documents for review, of which we have conditionally approved about 75%. The basic design is a basis for the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR). By the end of September, we have submitted three batches of PSAR documents to STUK for review. The next two batches will be sent to STUK in October.

Last spring, we submitted the plant area's description and analyses related to its safety to STUK for review. In the summer, STUK requested clarification on the documents from Fennovoima. We are currently working together with the plant supplier RAOS Project (a part of ROSATOM Group) and the main designer Atomproekt on the request.

"In certain areas, such as automation, the design work has progressed slower than we had hoped. Our target is still to submit the last batches of the PSAR to the regulator early next year," explains Timo Okkonen, Fennovoima's COO.

Since STUK approves PSAR as a whole, we don't expect a separate approval of the delivered batches.

Fennovoima's goal is to obtain the Construction License in 2021 and start the power plant's commercial operation in 2028.

Hanhikivi 1 construction site

The construction of Fennovoima's administration building began in late summer. The contractor, Lehto Tilat Oy, established its site office and began earthworks on the Hanhikivi peninsula.

Lehto Tilat Oy erected the site office in September.

In the Supplier's support area, works continue in the reinforcement workshop and surface treatment hall. The roof of reinforcement workshop was installed, and the installation of windows has begun. The steel frame of the surface treatment hall is in place, and the work continues with the installation of the external walls. During the summer, dredging and excavating of the cooling water intake and outlet channel continued in the sea area. The Hanhikivi 1 site employs more than 280 people every day.

"The temporary dam is under construction on the cooling water intake side. We received the permit for the dam on the outlet side in July. Underwater blasting work will be stopped in October following the water permit. Still, dredging and excavating works will continue as long as weather conditions are favorable," says Jouni Sipiläinen, Fennovoima's Construction Director.

Temporary dam construction in harbour area.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we had to cancel the Site Open Doors Day 2020. However, the video below takes you on the flight above the Hanhikivi 1 construction site.


At the beginning of September, Janne Liuko started as a permanent Utility Operations Director. Utility Operations organization has the main technical leadership and owns the Hanhikivi NPP design. It consists of the following departments: Nuclear Safety and Licensing, Engineering and Design Integrity, Inspection and Supervision, Operation and Maintenance, Program and Lifecycle.

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