Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland: Fennovoima's project can be implemented safely

The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority states that Fennovoima has the qualifications to construct a new nuclear power plant in Finland safely and in accordance with the nuclear energy act.

STUK's preliminary safety statement includes, among other things, assessments concerning Fennovoima's alternative locations for the power plant, plant design alternatives and organization of the company. STUK gave its assessment concerning Fennovoima's nuclear power plant project on October 20 to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

STUK states that Fennovoima's alternative locations, Pyhäjoki, Ruotsinpyhtää and Simo, are suitable for locating a nuclear power plant. Each location has advantages and disadvantages which must be taken into account when designing the plant. STUK does not set the locations in any order of preference.

The design alternatives Fennovoima is proposing, Toshiba's ABWR and Areva's EPR and Kerena, do not as such fulfill all the Finnish safety regulations but the plants can, says STUK, be modified to fulfill the requirements in the later phases of the licensing process.

STUK sees that Fennovoima has the prerequisites to create a management system with a good safety culture and a high standard quality control for constructing and operating a nuclear power plant. According to STUK, Fennovoima fulfills other prerequisites, too, that the law requires, including those related to for example safety, preparedness and nuclear fuel and nuclear waste management.

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