Rusatom Overseas signed key sub-supplier contracts for Hanhikivi 1 project

Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant project proceeds steadily towards the construction phase.

Rusatom Overseas has published a press release concerning the key sub-supplier contracts today. The contracts were signed at the end of December. Key sub-supplier contracts have been signed with three Russian companies: Atomenergomash, Gidropress and Titan 2, of which the first two are Rosatom’s subsidiaries. All key sub-suppliers have a great deal of valuable experience of Rosatom’s nuclear power plant projects. Fennovoima welcomes the choice of these experienced and competent partners.

The key sub-suppliers announced today will begin gathering a wide network of sub-contractors during Spring. Rusatom Overseas has long worked to map potential Finnish sub-contractors and now the negotiations can move forward.

Titan 2 has the best possible experience to operate as the main building contractor of the plant type Fennovoima has chosen. The company has been heavily involved in the construction of the reference plant of Hanhikivi 1 in Sosnovyi Bor, in the region of Leningrad. Atomenergomash and Gidropress have a long history of supplying Long-Lead Items equipment for Rosatom’s global projects. Rusatom Overseas has previously signed a contract with Atomproekt for the development of Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant design documentation.

The press release of Rusatom Overseas can be found here.

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